The BrightStar Lifestyle programme aims to develop personal, relationship and leadership skills to aid individuals to live their lives excellently and to be more effective leaders and team members. The programme can be presented at businesses, organisations and schools. The programme is presented in small groups by a passionate SETA accredited facilitator. Duration is 6 hours per module (in continuation, weekly or monthly) equalling a total of 18 hours of learning. The programme comprises easy to implement personal and leadership skills. This programme will ensure that learners are not only equipped to work as a team and to provide leadership but also have the necessary life skills to be mature role models who can impact the lives of others.
The programme consists of the SAQA Unit Standard 242824. The participant’s competence will be assessed by a registered assessor and a Services Seta Certificate (NQF 4+12 credits) will be issued. This cost is not included in the base fee.
The programme is available to present in the following categories
1. Classic (suitable for individuals and other like-minded groups)
2. Business (suitable for business of any size – leaders and employees – and includes a detailed report on outcomes achieved)
3. Teenagers (suitable for youth camps, schools and religious youth groups)
4. Community (suitable for under resourced groups and entry level workers)